Sep 04 2014

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Aug 31 2014

You know. Fuck it. Forget what I did. The last two posts never happened. They were the exact reason I don’t come here on Jack anymore. Nothing but regret filled posts.

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Tags: mod talks I'm not even going to bother with this blog any more I really hope your happy
Aug 26 2014


The nurse doesn’t seem to pay any mind to his correction. Perhaps their medical records had just not been updated. That happened often with their old pen and paper system, but she doesn’t mind. It certainly would be taboo to have an unmarried couple with such an age gap to be in their situation. Which she seemed to know, but it is not her place to disclose such information. 

Fran takes a moment to calm herself as she leaves. Her carefully applied stitches seemed to be unraveling at the seems. The dam  was breaking and there was no way she was going to cry here. Not here, not right now. She isn’t angry right now. She simply cannot be. Otherwise, she would be a sobbing mess. That just was not an option for her in this small, white room. Her first response is to cuddle up to him, which she does without hesitation. The fluorescent lights drape themselves across he freckles and dark under eyes as she looks up to him. “I want to go home.” She responds quietly. 

She just wishes this wasn’t happening. Plain and simple. She just wants to lay in bed and forget about all this. Surely she would get better. She always did, and this would be no different. 

Although she wants to talk to him, their conversation is cut short by the clicking of the door. 

Jack puls Fran into a small hug.  He hadn’t wanted her to feel like that.  It wasn’t his intent.  Before he could think of something comforting to say, the door opens.

"Hello, hello," a man says as he leans into the room which Jack assumes is the doctor.  He points a finger at Fran.  "Miss Mancini, right?  I’ll be right with you."  And was out the door before he could get an answer.  

"Seems like your name carries some weight around here," Jack mutters.  He hoped Fran wouldn’t take it negatively, with how he had previously reacted to learning about her name.  Jack just remembers having to wait longer in a hospital.

The doctor returns with a clipboard and closes the door behind him.  ”Miss Mancini,” the doctor says holding his hand out to her.  ”My name’s Stacey Foster and I’ll be your doctor for this visit.”

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Tags: classychassistrackstar welp. different then i originally wanted it to be but originally was inappropriate for a doc to say it lol
Aug 25 2014

I really want to make this doctor thick headed.  Like, he’ll come in, say “Welcome Mr. and Miss Mancini.”  And Jack would be like “Its REeds” and the doc would be like, “Oh.  Whoops.  Papers say Mancini” and he’d correct it.  And still say, “Mr. and Miss Reeds” and assume that it’s father and daughter.  

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Tags: mod talks ive been chuckling at this all day yet havent written it down because the doc would be like 'do you know who the father is?'
Aug 25 2014
Aug 21 2014


She suddenly pulls herself closer to them as the walk. Much like a frightened child, she holds onto his arm tightly. The nurse gives her a small smile and a nod, maybe hoping to reassure her. “This way please.” Fran shuffles beside him, following the petite blonde to a small room. It’s a standard examination room, with a table covered in paper and two chairs. One for the doctor in front of a small desk, and one for an extra person. “Here, I’m going to weigh you and take your height.” The nurse gives a nod to Jack with a smile. “You can have a seat right there, Mr. Mancini.” 

Fran doesn’t bother to correct her. Instead, she hesitantly lets go of Jack’s arm and shuffles to the scale, where she stands for a few moments. The nurse nods and marks it down on her clipboard, and then takes her height shortly after. “Alright, you’re all good. Now you can take a seat on table right over there!”

She hesitantly finds her way to the table and hops up, unhappily sighing once she is settled. The nurse takes a seat in the swivel chair opposite of her and takes the clipboard off of the doctor’s counter. “Alright. I just have a few questions for you.” She responds with a nod and swallows hard.

"Last monthly?"

"About three months ago. It’s irregular."

"Do you take any illicit substances?"


"What symptoms have you been noticing lately?"

"Well, I’ve been really tired, a little bit nauseous. I’ve got overall aches in my back and legs, and I’ve been kind of dizzy. Mood swings, too."

The nurse cocks an eyebrow and marks that down. She gives another friendly smile before standing and straightening her dress. “Alright, the doctor will be right with you!” She disappears shortly after.

"It’s Reeds," Jack says correcting the nurse, but he sits in an empty chair.  He waits as patiently as he can, rubbing his hands together, as the nurse asks her questions.  Jack was nervous but knew Fran had to be a mess.  

As soon as the nurse leaves, he walks up to Fran, putting his arm around her shoulder.  ”How are you doing?” he asks.  He was expecting an angry answer.  

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Aug 20 2014

Dear Tumblr staff

Let me force unfollow some of my followers, please. Because they are dead. And those that aren’t make me feel inadequate.

Sincerely, Gabby

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Tags: mod talks seriously tho let me delete them they are at the point of making me not to want to be on Jack's blog
Aug 19 2014

Jack’s a jazz man.
That is all.

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Aug 15 2014

unfrickintouchable replied to your post “Been obsessed with 5NaF, and I’m not even playing the game(too scary…”

I’d play it but the awful SCREECHING noise that plays when the mascots get you really bothers me.

The screeching is terrible. It’s not terrifying either, just hurts the ears. Although there was a small photo meme I saw of the ‘what does the fox say’ that made me laugh.  

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Aug 15 2014

Been obsessed with 5NaF, and I’m not even playing the game(too scary for me).
I haven’t seen much of it on Jack’s dash and super curious if anyone is playing it here.

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Aug 14 2014

My personal dash got super serious super fast. 

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Aug 12 2014

A sort of Bioshock AU I had thought up awhile back. 

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Aug 11 2014
Father Jack survived the transition.

Father Jack survived the transition.

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Aug 05 2014

(Male. Female.
Penis. Vagina.
Cis. Trans.
If these are terms & conditions of a relationship, I’ll be happy alone for the rest of my life.

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Tags: mod talks idk. if you break up with someone because of a small dick and you wouldn't want to have sex again after you weren't really attracted to each other and it's stupid to use it as an argument that it's alright to not like someone because if it because it was the sex not the small dick that turned you off but then again. this is from someone who's never had sex before and isn't looking for a relationship FOR sex 40 yr old virgin in the works lol over half way there
Aug 04 2014


She doesn’t respond to his bribes. Although it is tempting, she does not particularly feel like being anywhere but home right now. She just wants to leave here. Forget this happened. She will be fine. It’s just a virus, anyways. Recently, she has been so tired. Midnight vacations to the bathroom left her with baggage under her eyes, as well as a terrible backache in the morning. Her temperature has been running a bit higher than normal. She probably just has another virus. 

He tightens his grip on her and she feels a bit calmer. No matter how angry either of them was, their fights never lasted long. Jack had seen parts of her that nobody else cared to and Fran just couldn’t manage to stay angry.


Her body suddenly tightens as she looks up to him. Oh, she’s got that deer in the headlights look down perfectly, and she couldn’t seem to move. She would probably need some help getting there. 

When Fran doesn’t respond to the dinner, Jack gets a bit mad at himself. She was probably too angry to go out after this anyway. Jack hears the name and looks at Fran, his guilt multiplying. “Come on,” he says softly. “I’ll be right there with you.” He stands, and helps her stand without yanking her out of the seat.

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